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Common FAQs and Our Office Policies

Some of Our Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?
Yes. We see patients by appointment only, unless you have an emergency and cannot get through to us by phone. Please call 517-487-4480 for an appointment.
Can I reach you when your office is closed?
Yes, we can always be reached at 517-487-4480 through our answering service for your urgent questions regarding your child. We have a 
24-hour answering service that will connect you with the on-call pediatrician. If the pediatrician is already on another call or in transit, the answering service will take your message and alert your pediatrician, who will call you back as soon as possible.
If I need to take my child to the emergency room, where should I go?
Sparrow Hospital has a pediatric emergency room and is staffed with in-house pediatricians. This is our nearest recommended location for emergencies and in-patient hospital care of patients in our practice.
How can I get a referral for my child?
When your primary care physician sends your child to see a specialist, this is called a "referral." It may take 7-10 days to process the referral unless the doctor deems the referral urgent. If the referral is urgent it will be promptly processed. Most referrals have to be faxed to the specialist and then the specialist will contact you to schedule your child's appointment. If you have not been contacted by the specialist after the specified length of time, then please call our office for further information.
Any request from a parent for a referral must be discussed at a consult appointment with their child's primary care physician.  
I'm expecting. Can I tour your office and meet you?
Yes, it will be our pleasure to meet with you. Please call 517-487-4480 to make an appointment for a prenatal visit. Your appointment will be made with one of the pediatricians. Please let us know if you have a preference for a particular pediatrician as well as the time and date that you are available so that we may do our best to accommodate you.
In which hospital nurseries do you see newborn babies?
We are on staff at Sparrow Hospital for well newborn care in the well-baby nurseries. If your baby is admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit after their birth, you may alert the staff that you have chosen us as your pediatricians so we may be notified that your baby went to intensive care, and please follow up with your baby in our office after your baby's discharge from the hospital.
After my baby is discharged from the newborn nursery, when do I have to bring him or her to the office?
You must schedule an appointment for an initial newborn visit two days after the baby leaves the hospital. For example, if your baby goes home on a Tuesday, please schedule your appointment for Thursday. If your baby goes home on a Friday, we will need to see your baby on the following Monday.
After I deliver my baby, how will Pediatric Care Of Lansing PC Pediatricians know to check my baby in the nursery?
You will have the opportunity to inform the nurses at Sparrow Hospital that you have chosen us to be your baby's pediatricians. The nursery will then notify our pediatrician’s of your baby's birth and one of us will see your baby in the Sparrow Hospital nursery the morning after your baby is born.
Can I get antibiotics over the phone?
If you think your child needs antibiotics, you must first bring your child into the office to be seen and examined by his or her pediatrician so that the safest, best, and most appropriate treatment may be provided for your child.
Can you fill out my child's form or refill my child's prescription for the medication they take every day?
Because of the enormous demand for forms for school, camps, and daycare, please plan ahead and allow 2-3 days to fill out these non-urgent forms. Prescriptions are refilled during office hours by our pediatricians once they have read your child's chart and checked the needed refilling. They may need to speak with you about your child's medication. Please plan ahead and allow 2-3 days for these non-urgent items.

Read Our Office Policies

Sparrow Hospital is your go-to hospital for pediatric emergencies. Sparrow Hospital has a pediatric emergency room and a pediatric inpatient floor, where an in-house pediatrician or hospitalist is present 24 hours a day to care for pediatric patients. Sparrow Hospital is our nearest recommended location for emergencies and in-patient hospital care of patients in our practice. We are on staff at Sparrow Hospital for newborn care in the well baby nursery.
Phone Calls
Calls are returned during workday hours. Let the receptionist know if your call is urgent. Lengthy discussions are best done at scheduled appointments.
Office visits are by appointment. Plan ahead for yearly exams during the busy pre-camp / pre-school seasons. Alert us if you have a complex or chronic issues to allow adequate time for the visit. There is a $25 charge for a missed appointment of physical exams or a last minute cancellation of a physical exam.
Please have your updated insurance card and information with you at all times. Lab work done in our office may be limited by your specific insurance plan. Please review your own plan to avoid unexpected charges. Please remember that copayments are required at each office visit as part of your contractual obligation with your insurance company. We will bill secondary insurance.
Concerning forms for school, camps, and day care, as well as prescription refills for daily or chronically used medications, please allow 
2-3 days to fill out these non-urgent items.
Our Staff
We are here to help, from checking the timing of your child's yearly physical to providing referrals to specialists. Always call if we can help you with any other related problems.
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